Audio for the songs (homework)

1 Memory- Undertale  

2 Metroid Theme Song- Metroid  

3  Snowdin- Undertale  

4  Midna’s Lament- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

5  It’s Raining Somewhere Else- Undertale cover by Djsmell and Kathy-chan★

6  Temple Spring- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword  

7  Midna’s Theme- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

8  Kirby’s Pad- Kirby’s Epic Yarn  

9  Stronger than you- Steven Universe

10  Ending theme- Megaman


Back from London!

This evening I got back from London. I’m kind of tired as it is now night here in the UK but I just want to blog right now so, here goes.

On Saturday we drove to London with my aunt for a Jewish ceremony called (in this case, as my cousin was a girl) a Bat mitsvah. In the daytime, we went to a Synagogue(whoop-te-doo with all these weird words) where there was a three hour sermon. Not knowing even a letter of Hebrew, I was left with reading a book that I soon finished due to the long time we were there.

Thankfully, once it was done, we could eat an array of food that they had prepared, and that’s always good 🙂

Then we had the night party. Oh, the night party! It was filled with music and dancing and food. Apart from the fact I knew barely anyone, it was okay! It lasted untill 11:00 at night. Needless to say, I slept pretty well  😛

The next morning, I was still tired and it took the breakfast buffet to wake me up. Then we went home.

Hope you enjoyed!

Starting back up!

Okay, so today, well, I’ve decided that maybe I should start this back up. I don’t know why, but, um…. YOLO?

So, what’s been happening over the past couple of years? Well, not much. Year 6 was okay. SAT s, which are not the same as the American ones, were kind of easy but too much homework. There was a fight between the girls at one point. To be honest, if I have this little to talk about Year 6, I shouldn’t really bother explaining Year 5.

Those years were boring. Let’s talk about Year 7 instead!

So, secondary school! New school, new style, new me? Well, not really :P. I kept being disorganized for a bit but now I think I’m okay with it now. I also like chasing ducks for some reason.Why? I have literally no clue!

Anyways, I have made lots of new friends, yada yada yada(basically 5). They’re really nice. It’s amazing that a few months ago I didn’t know they existed, and now we’re friends. But they’re all taller than me and I’m the youngest out of them all so, there’s that.

However, making friends and a bigger school (took me a month to know ALL of it) is not the only thing that comes with being in secondary school. Oh no. There’s a new task on the block. I like to call it “The onslaught of homework”. The amount they give out in the first few weeks is overwhelming until you find your way to deal with it. My personal favourite way is to do it when you’re bored (we all have those days). Just make sure you’re not too bored or you’re gonna hate doing it.

All in all though, I think that secondary school is going pretty well. Hopefully I’ll update more so you guys can find out stuff

OK, bye!Image result for waving hand


Two pieces of string joke

Two pieces of string meet one day in the park and while one goes on the slide the other goes on the swings. They’re having a great time until one string decides to go on the roundabout.

After a while, the string feels really dizzy and falls off, scraping across the tarmac and making as tangled mess of one end and falling in a heap. The second string looked at him and sighed “you’re not very good on that roundabout are you?”The first string looked at himself and said “I’m a frayed knot”.